• New Licenses
    • Appropriate liquor licenses are an essential component of a food and beverage retailer.  The process to obtain the required liquor licenses is unique to each location.  Prior to signing a lease any retailer desiring to sell liquor must first determine that the license is available either for purchase or by application and that the site will qualify under local zoning laws.  License Solutions can assist you in preparing a road map of the requirements necessary for the processing of your liquor license applications and we can assist you in preparing the complete applications for filing.  If local counsel is necessary, We can work directly with local counsel to avoid duplication of efforts and work as a team on your behalf.

  • Renewals / File Maintenance
    • The maintenance of each individual restaurant liquor license materials is essential for each retailer.  License Solutions can maintain your license file and provide annual renewal service in order to make sure that your renewal applications are filed prior to the required deadline.  License Solutions will also follow-up on the issuance of the renewal in order to obtain the renewal license prior to the expiration date.

  • Change of Manager / Officer Notifications
    • As part of the maintenance of each individual restaurant liquor license file, it is important that change of manager and officer notifications are processed timely and within the requirements of each liquor license jurisdiction.  This service can also be added as necessary.

  • Annual Corporate Report Filing
    • Maintaining corporate good standing is important for any liquor license holder.  License Solutions can monitor and file your Corporate Annual Reports to assist you with your governance compliance.